Pics By Jilbert

Jilbert Ebrahimi | Photography


What started out as a hobby with my smartphone, quickly escalated in something much much more. On a level I never predicted it to be. I started helping out friends with beginning clothing lines, AMFI students that needed pictures and/or (BTS) movies for their project. Press shoots for DJ's and making pictures at birthdays. All for the freeee. Until one moment that I started to realize I'm putting too much time, effort and energy, plus neglecting my full-time job, to do all this thing for free. So after almost two years of helping people I decided to go for it, quit my main job and start my own business pursuing my passion. But after seeing and doing a lot for a lot of different people, I noticed that sometimes the influence of money can make the thing you love to do, the thing you start to hate. So now I do what I love to do, accepting jobs I like and keeping it focused on the passion and not the money. How it always should be.

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